Our Mission
"To empower women and children in rural Nepal by supporting programs and opportunities that improve education, health, hygiene
and economic well being."


Friends of VIN

Friend of VIN USA (FVIN) is a network of volunteers who work for the improved livelihood for the people in rural Nepal.  This non-profit organization was founded by former volunteers with Volunteers Initative Nepal (VIN), whose initiatives empower marginalized communities and promote intercultural exchange and learning opportunities. Along with our sister organizations FVIN Netherlands and FVIN Australia, we support VIN with a focus on programs for women and children.


We are here to bring awareness to the issues faced by women and children in rural Nepal, promote and celebrate the good work being done, and provide information and guidance to prospective volunteers.  We also raise funds for ongoing projects, including the education of girls.

Volunteers returning from Nepal have a huge admiration for VIN and its local Nepalese staff with their wide range of holistic programs. VIN's model of social and economic development is one rarely applied in the developing world. With its local staff, working together with community members while participating in all areas that tend to impede education, health and create social inequalities, VIN is unique among agencies working for sustainable development.



Why Nepal ?

Nepal's natural beauty, high adventure and cultural diversity is unsurpassed.  Nepal offers to engage you in meaningful work, play and connection.  Enrich yourself and experience the hospitality and camaraderie of the Nepalese people while you contribute and connect with local causes and a global good - it would be difficult to find another opportunity so rich in rewards.



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Explore the possibilities of volunteering, both here in the US helping FVIN with fundraising and networking or by traveling overseas (Voluntourism) to support the many social and economic programs offered by VIN. Check out VIN's program list and see which one interests you the most.



Can't travel but still want to help? There's plenty of other ways  to get involved with this inspiring community. Check out the link below!

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"Volunteers Initiative Nepal" (VIN)

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Volunteer in Nepal - Child Education

Nepalese kids demonstrating the words "VIN" (Volunteers Initiative Nepal). These children are learning from people just like you, volunteering in Nepal!