Girls' Education Project


Why Girl's Education in Nepal?


Nepal is a highly patriarchal society, and while society is rapidly changing, women and girls continue to suffer under the current conditions. When money is short 

and there is work to be done, girls are often the first to be pulled from school. Without education, young women are more likely to rely on parents and husbands for livelihood, holding them in a cycle of poverty and 

servitude. Girls' education has been shown to be an effective mechanism for sustainable community development.



This is why FVIN is committed to providing ongoing educational opportunities for girls in  rural Nepal.  FVIN is now in it's third years (since 2012) of raising funds among our caring community to support girls' schooling in their local communities of Jitpur Phedi and Olkhaldunga, Nepal.  We currently support the education of 17 girls, of varying ages, through our local partner, NGO Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN).  Our girls have all been ientified as being in need of financial support in order to continue their education. They aspire to be pilots, doctors, nurses, singers, teachers, and mothers. We are happy and honored to support them, and thrilled to have the opportunity to watch them grow and thrive! We plan to continue supporting these 17 girls through high school, and hope to provide them with additional leadership training as well.


How do I get involved?

 You can become a sponsor for girls’ education! We have an annual fundraiser at the end of each Nepali school year (around Dec.) to pay for their next year of schooling. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date, and/or donate anytime to our fundraiser through this button. 




What does a sponsorship include?

A full sponsorship costs $230 per year and includes admission fees, examination fees, monthly tuition fees, two sets of uniforms, stationary and books, medicine, Children’s Club support, community development activities, and VIN administration costs (related to correspondence, follow-up and monitoring of the sponsored children). 


VIN is a well organized and well run Nepali organization which we are confident uses its resources well to provide much needed services to disadvantaged communities in Nepal. 




What do I receive as a sponsor?

 As a sponsor you will receive a photo of your child, an electronic copy of your child’s progress report twice a year, and electronic copies of any letters, cards, and other correspondence from your sponsored child. FVIN typically receives updates on the children three times per year (in April, August, and December). 

FVIN Vice President Sadie Gree with several of the sponsored girls.

Writing letter to Sponsor

Receiving School packet from VIN Staff

Example of Drawing and letter from sponsored girl sent to sponsors with updates.