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Beekeeping Project 

A great project, not only because we all love bees but because the programme is supporting the Dalit community. Dalits for those who don’t know are the untouchable caste and face even greater hardship and discrimination. The project is a five day course about bee keeping, the provision of hives and bees and how they can sell the honey when it is produced.

Women's Cooperatives

The formation of women’s groups into formal cooperative have been one of the real success stories. By organising the women have access to micro finance to both borrow and save. This has resulted in the growth of their tiny smallholdings and the formation of businesses like tailoring, jewelry making and selling surplus produce.

 The oldest group, the Jitpurphedi Women’s Agricultural Cooperative has been going more than 10 years and has over 800 members. They are the proud owners of a business centre in Tinpiple outside of Kathmandu and the cooperative made 700 euros profit in 2019. 

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