Teach English in a Buddhist Monastery (or Nunnery)

 This is one of the most popular volunteer programs and aims to give you a true taste of life in a monastery. It aims for an educational and informative exchange between the religious members of a one community and foreigners from another very different community; these have just one thing in common: the eagerness to learn.


You will learn more about Buddhist culture and the monks or nuns in return will learn English which is a very valuable skill for them.



Volunteers are more than welcome to pass on any of their knowledge in mathematics, the sciences, medicine, computing, etc. too. Most of the monks have solely been educated in Buddhist subjects and would greatly appreciate the teaching of any new skills, for example, in business, which will help them maintain the monastery on a day to day basis, in a world that has become fast-moving and constantly advancing.

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Start Dates:

Language Requirements:

Food and Accommodation:

Key Activities:



Working Hours:

Required Qualifications:


Program Fees:

Teaching English at Buddhist Monastery or Nunnery

1st and 15th of each monthLanguage

 English (Basic Nepali is provided)

 Nepali standard at the monastery / Nunnery or host  family

 Teaching English, organizing creative and fun activities,

sanitation & environment work, teaching physical exercises

Monks / Nuns age bet 6 to 30 

3 to 5 hours a day / 5 to 6 days a week

Teaching, Passion to sharing culture, flexible


$385-$1355 depending on the length of stay. 


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