Volunteering Abroad for Boomers, Active Retirees

& Individuals over 50

Many discover that life after 50 offers a new-found sense of freedom and confidence. It is a time many people use to explore new passions and fulfill lifelong dreams of adventure in faraway places. If this is you, signing up for a volunteer program with Volunteers Initiative Nepal may be just the adventure you were looking for. You have the opportunity to give back in a fun and exciting way, expand your love of learning and exploration and share your wisdom – all in a unique cultural environment that values your generation and greatly respects your presence. With years of life experience under your belt and a lifetime of new experiences ahead, the time is now.

Become a VIN volunteer today.

Are you looking for a job, on sabbatical, seeking an enriching volunteer vacation or simply considering a career change? If so, volunteering abroad may be just the experience you’re looking for. It affords you the opportunity to build new skills and explore new passions in an enriching cultural environment while enabling you to offer your services to people who genuinely need your help. Hundreds of working professionals at all stages of their career and life have participated in volunteer travel with Volunteers Initiative Nepal, and with over 20 programs to choose from with year-around start dates, it’s easy to find the volunteer experience that’s right for you.

Become a VIN volunteer today.

Volunteering for Working Professionals & Gap Years

 "My employer was gracious in holding my position

and in the fall of 2007, off we went.  For three months we volunteered in the community of Jitpur teaching English, working with the local orphanage, helping out with various women’s groups and I was even able to put my accounting background to use developing a simple record-keeping program the organization could use to track contributions

  and expenses.  It was without a doubt one of the single

                greatest experiences of my life."

                             Drew Przyuski,  VIN Volunteer


Are you a working professional or active retiree?



Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) is built on teams of volunteers – local and international. This has allowed VIN to accomplish incredible progress since 2007, when they first began their programs. While these volunteers have come for as little as two weeks, with skills as simple as speaking English, VIN now needs specific volunteers with skills, expertise and knowledge in sectors which would otherwise be difficult to get from local staff and volunteers. Some specific skills and / or attributes needed at this time include:


Specific Attributes:

  •   Middle-aged or Actively Retired persons with time to travel and a        Desire to Contribute, regardless of specific skills.

  •  Gap-Group people between careers – wanting a ‘break’ and re-  connection with the world in some way

  •  Working Professionals  on sabbatical

  •  ‘Boomers’ looking for a new, stimulating way to contribute and give  back to those less fortunate


Specific Skills:

  •  Teacher Trainers, I.T. Professionals (website builders and promoters),  Grant writers and Fundraisers, G.P. Medical Doctors,

  •  Nurses, Management Consultants & Volunteer Coordinators (persons  with people-management skills).