Nepal Disaster Relief Effort

Disaster Statistics from the Massive Earthquakes in Nepal on April 25th and May 12th, 2015
  • 8,500 people died in the 7.9 magnitude earthquake

  • Many people are still missing under the rubble

  • 20,000 people are seriously injured

  • 600,000 houses and government buildings were fully destroyed

  • 7,000 schools were demolished

  • 1.7 Million children and 130,000 pregnant women affected

  • 6+ Billion US dollars needed to rebuild

  • FVIN is working with local volunteers in Nepal to construct transitional homes and secure food, clean water and provide medical assistance for 3,000+ families in severely affected rural communities in the districts of Kathmandu, Nuwakot and Olkhaldhunga.

  • Monsoon season is quickly approaching, and there is serious pending threat of landslides, flooding, and the spread of disease. The following month is critical to our relief efforts. 



3 Ways YOU Can Help!

Any amount helps, but as little as $150 can provide immediate food, shelter and water to one of the thousands of families in need. 100% of your donations goes DIRECTLY to immediate relief support!

Share the videos, images and information on this page through your social networks, click the link above for create fundraising ideas, or start a benefit concert like this one!

Help VIN rebuild homes and provide temporary shelter, food and water to the thousands of people in need. The only skill required is a compassionate heart.  


$900 Raised! An impromptu fundraiser for disaster relief was held May 16 in Maui (left).  Indian vocalist Dhoerh Nankow and Tabla player Daniel Paul, along with vocalist and dancer Hladini presented a concert from which over $900 was raised for VIN.  In photo is Dee Chapon from FVIN receiving check from the performers and representatives of the Kapila Insittute, sponsors of the concert.




This  concert in Honolulu will feature ten well known local artists and bands plus more 'surprise guests'.  All proceeds will go to Nepal to support relief efforts. Visit for more information.

A Letter from the Leader of Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)

~Written May 18th, 2015 by Bhupendra Ghimire, Founder & Executive Director of VIN

" Thank you for organizing a fundraiser to support earthquake disaster relief efforts in Nepal. We really appreciate your effort of humanity. It is the generous people and institutions like you that have made our relief work possible. 


Here are the major activities we identified for rapid response to

post disaster, which we have started immediately:


  • Support to fitting tents

  • Support in getting stuffs out from the destroyed houses safely

  • Help people to build temporary houses and toilets

  • Make people aware about hygiene and sanitation, distribute soaps and                                                                           education to reduce the spread of communicable diseases

  • Teach techniques on how to purify water

  • Spray disinfectant in surrounding environment

  • Make people aware on diarrheal diseases and epidemic of infectious diseases

  • Conduct mobile health camps in communities


We have been building temporary houses, provide food and water. Monsoon season is approaching very quickly, and we are struggling to get people fed and out of the weather. Over 3000 (out of 5000) families who VIN works for need shelters but we do not have enough manpower and resources. We need your immediate HELP to assist more people in dire need.


The most useful way you can help us now is volunteering directly for these relief projects or to raise funds. 100% of your donation will go DIRECLY to the affected families communities of Jitpurphedi, Okhaldhunga and Okharpauwa.


We have been coordinating our relief work with the local community so that there is no duplication of the work and effective use of the funds – people get the most out of what people donate. 


$150 can provide immediate relief like temporary shelter, food and water for one family. We still have 3000 + families who need your immediate support!


Please consider how you can make a difference for the people in these communities who need your help now! Ask your friends and family to spread this message, encourage volunteering and donation. Thank you for your support. "


How can you get involved?  


1. Donate / raise funds – any amount will help


2. Volunteer – if you are passionate whether you have skills or not you may volunteer with us on the above mentioned actions. We place you in the safe houses with lovely host families. 


3. Share this message and messages from VIN’s fan page to your social network



The communities VIN has been working in, Jitpurphedi, Okhaldhunga and Okharpauwa, have been devastated! Almost all houses were destroyed and people have nowhere to live. Their food, clothes and cooking resources are all buried under the broken houses! Jitpurphedi and Okharpauwa alone have witnessed 22 deaths and dozens many injured!


Together with the community we have been able to distribute tents (Tarp) for about 1200 families. VIN however works for about 5000 families and 4000 are directly affected. We have 3 projects are on priority now – constructing transitional homes, health camps and children’s camps.


We aim to raise 500,000 dollars for our relief work and so far we have been able to raise 35k. To construct a transitional home, we need to invest at least $150 and we do it through mobilizing youth volunteers. VIN has already recruited 27 local volunteers to do this job. We will be replicating this model two other 2 sites (Okhaldhunga and Okharpouwa) as well.

Please help us restore this:
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Thank you for your support!