Other Interesting Volunteer Programs

Computer Technology Training


​We all know the powerful role of computers and the access internet. We believe that if you volunteer for this program you can make a significant contribution to teaching and educating in particular children and youth but also teachers from our communities. As a computer technology volunteer you might conduct computer skills training and the use of the internet. This will primarily be for school classes in Kathmandu but not necessarily exclusively. Alternatively, you could also help out in the main office in Kathmandu where you would maintain and help improve our partner’s website(s).


​Construction / Manual Work


Our construction and manual work volunteer program focuses on building basic infrastructure for people in rural areas of Nepal. A majority of the homes that we work with do not have access to proper toilets and the communities at large do not have access to facilities such as libraries or proper classrooms. We look to provide them with these basic facilities and you can be part of that. You will be placed with a Nepali host family, and your role will be to collaborate with the skilled constructors appointed by our partner organization, along with the local people. You will mainly be doing unskilled labor such as digging, mixing and carrying of various materials. You will be another helping hand in the construction of hundreds of toilets, soak pits, libraries, compound walls and classrooms. After building them, you may conduct regular checks of the structures, such as the toilets, to ensure their maintenance and cleanliness, as well as give the villagers sessions on the importance of sanitation and its relation to one’s quality of life and general health. The construction and manual work volunteer program is one that will challenge your strength spiritually and physically. Are you up for it?


Fundraising and Grant Writing


All the projects in Nepal are sponsored by private sponsors, small-scale fundraisers, and a great part of the volunteer fees goes toward the development projects. However, there are certain projects such as the Community Learning Center and the health post plans in Okhaldhunga that require big amounts of funds. Therefore VIN is in need of someone who can engage in writing fund proposals and it would be of great advantage if you already have some experience in writing these, although it’s not a must. VIN also welcomes donations like (used) English and Nepali books, computers, medical supplies (please contact us for specificities) and (2nd hand) clothes. For other items, please contact us to ensure that it’s something that’s really needed.


Office Adminstration


The Office Administration volunteer program is fit for volunteers who would like to be a part of our empowerment cause in Nepal, but would rather use their organizational talent and language proficiency skills in the Kathmandu office of VIN than be in the rural areas of Nepal. You, as a volunteer, would spend equal hours as the staff in the VIN office, utilizing your English skills, correcting and rewriting website content, writing up VIN newsletters that should include updates on VIN program accomplishments and activities, tracking volunteer placements on spreadsheets, handling outgoing emails on behalf of VIN, and overall, being an integral part of the workings of the office, from a day to day basis. This volunteering opportunity can be seen as good work experience with altruistic intentions for the less fortunate of Nepal.


Volunteer, Trek and Travel Programs (2)
Volunteer Travel Tour


If you have only short time, like a 3 to 4 weeks break from your work or study and would like to volunteer and travel, this program is the right one. It is tailored to those who would like to see Nepal's beautiful landscapes, experience Nepalis day-to-day life style while at the same time be part of giving marginalized people in Nepal a chance for a better life. With the Volunteer Travel Tour project you choose from the many projects that VIN offers: help to encourage learning amongst children three to five, in one of the Early Child Education Centers or work with older children, teaching English or giving life skills training in one of the Children's Clubs. You might want to work with the women of the community or do something different altogether, retreating to a monastery to teach English to Buddhist monks.


Then, explore Kathmandu and its sister towns, taking in temples and stupors before heading to the hillside settlement of Nagarkot to watch sunset. Spend two nights in Chitwan National Park, where you might even see a tiger, or chose to head to the lakeside of Pokhara, famous for its adventure sports and as the gateway to the Annapurna mountain range.  Visit VIN's web site for more information.


Volunteer Trekking


Vin has worked hard with partners in Kathmandu to provide a volunteer trekking service that can be combined with a short period of volunteering to form an unforgettable experience.


As a volunteer/intern, you will be placed with a Nepali host family, where you will live while you help within the community to teach English in schools, orphanages or to women and youth. Your home-stay will allow you to become immersed in Nepali culture and language and will provide a solid foundation for your travels. During this time you will have the opportunity to explore Kathmandu. Once, your placement is over, you will embark on one of Nepal’s most prestigious and popular treks, either to Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp. By volunteer trekking with VIN you can be certain that you are helping to invest in Nepal and you will receive a trekking experience that you can rely on.  Visit VIN's web site for more information.


International Journalism Internship


If you are planning a gap year or career break and contemplating a job in journalism or print media, this journalism internship can set you on the right track.  International volunteering / internship in the form of a journalism internship is a great way to enhance your resume and make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are currently studying journalism or are considering it in college, the journalism internship with VIN will give you first hand international journalism experience. The journalism internship in Nepal is a professional program which enables interns to develop a portfolio of work in an international context. The internship is facilitated by VIN in partnership with several national publications such as Kathmandu Post newspaper , Spotlight magazine, The Kathmandu Post, Himal Media House, Image Nepal . There are also opportunities to work in other forms of media. As a journalism intern, you will gain working knowledge of how national media functions and you will also gain invaluable experience of writing articles which will be printed nationally. If you are already a practicing journalist, then volunteering / internship abroad in Journalism will broaden your horizons and show you a different way of working in journalism against the backdrop of a new and exciting country. You will learn the ins and outs of print or broadcast journalism overseas and might be able to teach your new colleagues something about how you work at home.




VIN needs to update their photos and videos on a frequent basis so if you are passionate about photography or making videos, we would be excited to hear from you.

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