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Founder and Executive Director - Partners in Sustainable Learning



Financial Consultant, Former FVIN Board member



Owner & Coach - Dan Schwab Consulting



Accountant - Dunlap & Associates



Financial/Tax Reporting Associate - Vanguard



Founder - Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal The Netherlands

Friends of VIN Partners

FoVIN partners with the Nepal-based organization Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN). The mission and objective of the VIN Volunteer Program is to encourage and invite international/national volunteers to contribute to the development of the poorest families, communities and victims of conflict. Together with VIN, we aim to enhance voluntary, global brotherhood among people.


Volunteers will experience life in Nepal firsthand, working alongside Nepali people to help support communities in rural Nepal. In this way, they will be making a meaningful contribution to a disadvantaged segment of the world community, while participating in an exchange of ideas and viewpoints with the locals who will ultimately be responsible for sustainable development. Visit Volunteer Initiative Nepal here to learn more.


Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal Netherlands is a Social Development Organisation (SDO). Our work centers on putting the efforts for change in the hands of local people and we actively encourage local people to volunteer within their communities, aiming to unite all sectors of society in working together to set up and run local projects. Read more to know how do we do it. Visit Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal - Netherlands here.

Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal Australia is a sister-organization to Volunteers Initiative Nepal - a Nepal based group that runs community projects with particular focus on women and children. Friends of VIN Australia hopes to provide guidance to people travelling to Nepal, raise awareness about development and political issues, and help VIN offer life changing opportunities to those who volunteer - through programs that have a positive impact on the communities in which they work. Visit Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal - Australia here.

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Photo Credits

The photos in this website were provided by many friends, but sepcial thanks to Briton Stender, former VIN volunteer, for his quality photos of the people and countryside.