Detailed Descriptions of Professional Positions Being Sought by VIN:

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Summary of position:


VIN is celebrating their 10-year existence in 2015 and has therefore decided to publish a book to commemorate 10 years of “trials, triumphs and tribulations.” The book will contain research-based articles, success stories, testimonials from community stakeholders and volunteers. 


There is already some material available but this would need to be edited. This position is located in Kathmandu.


Duties and Responsibilities:


The editor is responsible for delivering VINs Decade Book. This includes but is not limited to the following: 


- Leadership in the end-to-end process; overseeing the layout, appearance and content of feature articles and additional content


- Ability to generate ideas for, and help produce meaningful, comprehensive content 


- Working with VIN staff, the local community and international volunteer contributors (for articles and photos) and with the publisher to produce the finished project.




- Strong editing skills (experience as an editor preferred, but not a must)


- Detailed attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, and ability to suggest ways that each piece could be improved


- Flair for combining text and photos for an outstanding publication that will highlight the results and achievements in Jitpurphedi


- ability to work independently


Living arrangements during the volunteer period:


The volunteer will be accommodated by a local family close the VIN office in Kathmandu city.


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1) Editor of VIN’s Decade Book

Summary of position:


VIN is rolling out their integrated social development programs in 2 areas; Nuwakot (about an hour from Kathmandu) and Okahldhunga (about 15 hours from Kathmandu). The current funding, which comes from partners and volunteers, is not sufficient to cover all activities, thus VIN is currently seeking someone who can find and write grant proposals for corporate or foundation grants. VIN is also a premium member of and has access to a wealth of organizations which provides funds for development projects. 


Duties and Responsibilities:


- Familiarize herself/himself with VIN’s programs, goals and financial needs


- Search and apply for grants or funds for which VIN is eligible (This could be anything to do with improving education or increase access to quality education of children, youth, women..., farming initiatives / irrigation projects / food security, maternal health, basic health and hygiene initiatives, and many more) 


- Maintain current records in database and in paper files, including grant tracking and reporting




- Strong written communication skills; ability to write clear, structured, articulate, and persuasive proposals


- Strong editing skills


- Attention to detail


- Ability to meet deadlines


- Knowledge of fundraising information sources 


- Experience with proposal writing and institutional donors


- Knowledge of basic fundraising techniques and strategies


- Knowledge and familiarity with research techniques for fundraising prospect research


Living arrangements during the volunteer period:


The volunteer will be accommodated by a local family close to the VIN office in Kathmandu city.


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2) Grant Writer

Summary of position:


This position is located in Okhaldhunga District, 250km East of Kathmandu, where VIN works with 27 primary and secondary schools. This volunteer will organize regular teacher trainings on (common) child friendly teaching methods and interactive learning techniques as well as providing clinical support to the teachers in each schools s/he delivers training. There will be a dedicated local translator to aid with the training. This is an extension of the wonderful work that Diann Grimm from Partners in Sustainable Learning (PiSL) has been doing since spring 2013. Before going, it would be required to connect with PiSL to fine-tune the material and to ensure a certain alignment. 


Duties and Responsibilities:


- Conduct teacher training in all 27 schools for the primary school teachers


- Document all trainings, methodology and materials used





- Knowledge of teacher development and resource management


- Teaching experience


- Energy, enthusiasm, stamina, patience, dedication and self-discipline


- Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities


Also advantageous are extra skills, such as: Music, Art, Drama, Sports.



Living arrangements during the volunteer period:


A local family in Okhaldhunga will accommodate the volunteer. Please be informed that the conditions will be basic and the volunteer must be able to cope with very rural living. This means no running water (there will be access to water contained in big jars), outside showers, none or intermittent electricity. There is no public transport (or roads for that matter, in the community), so it is important that the volunteer possesses a basic level of fitness, as the means of transportation will be by foot. The terrain is hilly and the volunteer might be walking up to 4-5 hours a day.


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3) Teacher Trainer