Once your application is accepted, you will be asked to submit a  Program Booking fee of  $125. This is a non refundable fee which covers the processing of your application and the pre-departure support you are provided with. The program booking fee is not deductible from Program Fees, as detailed below. 

The Program Fee Covers:


1) Transportation


  • Airport pick up by VIN staff with Nepali culture

  • Pick up from hotel to VIN office

  • Hotel to project site on the first day with your luggage

  • From the project site to VIN office / Hotel on the last day with your luggage

2) Program Induction (Pre Service Training)
  • Presentation on VIN history, development, strategies, success and failure stories

  • Survival Nepali language course ; 2 hours each day during the induction

  • Nepali culture & Do's & Don'ts

  • Presentation on Nepali history, politics, economy, social problems

  • Health & safety Tips

  • Program related orientation, e.g. teacher training -TEFL tips.

  • A half day sightseeing of world heritage sites, e.g. Patan Darbur Square, Pashupatinath / Baudhanath Stupa

  • Stationary & handouts of the presentations

  • Safe travel, trekking, adventure assistance

3) Food & Accommodation
  • Accommodation at a budget hotel on same sharing basis and lunch at VIN's office during program the induction.

  • Food & accommodation during placement with a host family / hostel / monastery / orphanage homes (depending on your program)

  • The living standard will be of Nepali standard and 2 to 3 meals provided;

4) Administrative Cost
  • Staff salaries

  • Office rent & office supplies

  • Regular follow up support

  • Meeting & socialization with volunteers & interns from different countries

  • 24/7 emergency support

  • Free wireless internet at our office

  • Communications like Internet & phone, letters

  • VIN promotional visits

  • Online offline advertisement

  • Administrative charge

  • Local taxes & membership fees

5) Community Project Funding
  • Women's empowerment: 65+ women's clubs, women's cooperatives, income generative projects, education & life skills

  • Children's development: 20+ early child development centers, 19 children's clubs, 5 orphanagehomes, hundreds of children's education , school building, compound, classroom, toilet construction and material support, teacher training

  • Community health: Free medical check-up for over 3000 poor people by professional VIN's doctor. Lab, medicine, mobile clinics, school health and toilet construction for each poor families

  • Youth empowerment: 11 youth clubs and their activities to empower local youth

  • Project staff salaries

  • Support for local volunteers