Who is Friends of VIN?

FVIN is a US non-profit (2011) whose mission it is to support marginalized communities, especially women and children, in Nepal! There is this really awesome organization in Nepal that we are excited to support, called Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN).

VIN consists of a collective of grassroots initiatives, which offer international travelers the opportunity to experiencethe Real Nepal, while giving back to the communities there. The types of programs at VIN include: women’s empowerment, child care, community health and medical care, and environmental and agricultural initiatives.

The work VIN does supports communities in need, and is making a real difference in the lives of people.

Watch this introduction video on Volunteer Initiative Nepal

In fact, many of us at FVIN are former VIN volunteers, who stayed in Nepal and worked on these programs. To see what it's like to be a volunteer, shoot us an email at friendsofvin at gmail and we'll send you some great resources!

Since becoming a 501c3 in 2011, FVIN has been:

  • Sponsoring Children

  • Supporting Development Projects

  • Connecting Communities

FVIN is currently sponsoring the education for 19 girls, and two comprehensive community development projects - in Jitpur and Okhaldhuga, Nepal.

Irrigation Pond Construction:

This innovative aquaponics system is being built by the Women's Cooperative in Jitpur. This project is currently in its planning stages, with a projected completion date of November 2012.

A woman poses for a picture outside of her home in Jitpur, Nepal

Toilet Construction:

The Community Health Program has already built 100+ septic systems in several communities. A PDF version of their 2011 Report can be found here. The report is really great because you can hear from the people themselves about how their lives are being impacted!

"It was nice to see that there are people coming from another part of the world to help us in constructing a toilet."

- Kombali Balami (toilet recipient)

Toilet Construction Report, 2011

FVIN is also reaching out to other former volunteers, across the USA, and across the world.

We have created a survey, so that we can find out more about your experience. To obtain this survey, submit an idea or story for publication, or to get more information about anything FVIN related, contact us at: friendsofvin@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting our blog, and therefore helping to create this community of friends (FVIN), across the world, in support of the women and children of Nepal!




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