What is Voluntourism?

Put simply, you become a voluntourist when you decide to volunteer while on vacation. Instead of just touring a new place, you put your skills and experience to use in service to the people and country you’ve come to explore.


This experience gives you a deeper and more realistic perspective about the culture and affords the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of the people you meet – giving your travels a far deeper and more meaningful purpose

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Why Nepal?

Why Volunteer in Nepal?

Nepal is a country of sublime beauty in its scenery and cultural diversity. The astounding natural landscape, myriad of attractive activities, and the well-preserved and exotic cultures make this country one of the most compelling and exciting places in the world to visit.


Nepal is a place where visitors can make a meaningful impact, and gain so much at the same time. Whether called by adventure, spiritual growth, or the opportunity to give back, Nepal has much to offer.


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Why Choose VIN?

Community Development Projects, Designed by the People


Volunteers Initiative Nepal is a community-based organization that seeks to put the efforts of change in the hands of the local people.


VIN has been mobilizing teams of international and local volunteers working together in its various programs since 2007. 18 volunteering and 5 internship programs have been formed and are on-going, as well as opportunities to volunteer through a travel and trekking program.

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