Volunteer Programs

Induction course for Volunteers at VIN office Nepal

Friends of VIN partners with the Nepal-based organization Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN). We offer affordable volunteering opportunities for interested organizations; groups, couples and individuals who would like to make a contribution to Nepali society, while at the same time experiencing the rich culture, the natural magnificence and daily life of Nepal. The degree to which volunteers contribute to Nepali communities varies according to their motivation and personal capability. However, no experience is necessary and FVIN strongly encourages all applicants.
Volunteering with VIN will give you the opportunity to live and work in Nepali communities and learn more about this beautiful culture. VIN runs volunteer programs for people of all ages and all nationalities, working in areas where volunteers can be of most lasting benefit to Nepal and develop themselves at the same time.


          Skills Required

We don't require any specific skills but we expect you to be open-minded, patient, independent, flexible, enthusiastic about getting to know a new culture, and have a good sense of humor - these qualities will help you cope with living in a culture that may be very different from your own.

More Information to help you make your decision about volunteering with                       VIN.

Narissa Puran, 2009

"I would definitely recommend VIN because they have given me such a fulfilling experience both in learning about the Nepali health system and experiencing the rich and admirable culture of the Nepali people."


Check out Experiences of Ex-Volunteers

ElietteGuyot, 2009

"Since it is my first time as a volunteer, I would like to begin by saying that choosing the Association/Ngo VIN appears to be judicious idea. Why is that? After spending few days in Katmandu and meeting numerous other foreign travelers, a large part also being volunteers, I realized that VIN staff and it’s executive director Bhupendra Ghimire have a strong philosophy and vision sustaining their project compared to some other NGOs. You feel rapidly involved in their mission and their enthusiasm makes me want to take part of it in the best way that I can."


Thomas Jones, 2011

"This is a great land. There were many parts of Nepal I did not see and I am sure a return trip lies somewhere down the road. But what I did experience was unique and full of color.  It was, at times, brutal and raw, and gave me opportunity to think on my feet, repeatedly.  From that, how can you not be changed at jouney's end?"


Amy Vaduthalakuzhy, 2010

"Working in a single community enables VIN to focus all their energy in improving all aspects of life there. The staff also understands that handouts cannot improve a community – that only through enabling the residents to stand on their own two feet can one see long-term and sustainable improvements. I truly believe that VIN will go a long way to bring positive change, and I am happy to have been a part of the journey!"

Ann Soo Ja Wilson, 2010

"Ever since my first visit in 1995, I wanted to return to Nepal, but not as a tourist. I fell in love with the country, the beautiful people, and after experiencing how underdeveloped the country was, I really wanted to contribute to making a difference."