Overview: About Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)



VIN has been mobilizing teams of international and local volunteers working together in its various programs since 2007. 18 volunteering and 5 internship programs have been formed and are on-going, as well as opportunities to volunteer through a travel and trekking program.



The unique teaming of local and international volunteers with a whole community focus have helped make a sustainable difference and improvement in the lives of Nepali people in one of the most disadvantaged communities just outside Kathmandu, Jitpurphedi VDC. In 2012, VIN initiated a second community-wide project in the Okhaldhunga district, 485 km north-east to Kathmandu.


Community-Based Programs:

The majority of VIN’s volunteering and internship programs are community-based, meaning your participation takes place in the community itself, furthering VIN’s mission of sustainable community development. For example, in 2011, 76 volunteers and 10 interns were hosted by VIN. Altogether they participated in fifteen different programs, making a substantial impact in the lives of Nepali people.



Buddhist Monasteries & Nunneries:

Although VIN's main focus is on development projects within the rural community, VIN also provides volunteer placement opportunities in monasteries and nunneries. This program helps educate young monks and nuns in conversational English, as well as developing their life skills and providing an opportunity to participate in creative activities


Volunteers are placed in the monastery or nunnery in which they are teaching, and in addition to receiving food and accommodation, they are also able to witness and gain a fascinating insight into Tibetan Buddhist practices and rituals.


Introduction video to our Nepalese partner: Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)

VIN seeks to put the efforts of change in the hands of the local people. "We actively encourage people to volunteer within their communities, and aim to unite all sectors of society in working together to set up and run local sustainable development projects."


"I chose VIN, as opposed to any of the many other

volunteer organizations, because it was obvious that

the money given for the volunteer programs was going

to the investment of other development projects, and

not into the pockets of the people working for the

organization.  VIN is very open about their finances,

and will willingly tell you where your money goes and

how it is being spent."  Maya Barlev, 2012 Volunteer

  • VIN is run by local Nepalese professionals and volunteers with a strong dedication to service and commitment to working with the local populations to develop programs that are meaningful and pertinent to their challenges and livelihood.


  • VIN enacts an integrated development approach which includes programs targeted towards transferring empowerment tools to the most vulnerable sector of the community, i.e. women and children.


  • VIN focuses on community based projects backed up by local and international volunteers.

How does VIN differ from other similar organizations?