Why Choose Nepal?

Why Volunteer in Nepal?

Nepal is a country of sublime beauty, both scenic and cultural. The astounding

natural landscape, myriad of attractive activities, and the well-preserved and exotic

cultures make this country one of the most compelling and exciting places in the

world to visit. For travelers interested in veering off the beaten path and into a

Himalayan paradise, Nepal represents many opportunities. Nepal is a place where

visitors can make a meaningful impact, and gain so much at the same time. Whether

called by adventure, spiritual growth, or the opportunity to give back, Nepal has much

to offer.

The Magic and Diversity of Nepal



From the highest mountain peaks in the world (including Mount Everest), to the tropical jungles and plains of the Terai, Nepal’s topography is rich and varied, and it has some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. Nepal is comprised of many beautiful and fascinating lakes, valleys, and rivers that run across it, and is home to some of the best wildlife habitat in the Subcontinent.

Nepal is also an ethnic mosaic where unique cultural traditions and rituals, flavorful cuisine and more festivals than days of the year abound. With 100 officially recognized castes and ethnic groups who speak around 92 different languages, Nepal is extremely culturally and linguistically diverse. The people of Nepal are indeed, for many, the greatest attraction of all. Nepal is also famous for its hospitality, and is a great place to do home-stays. Predominately Hindu and Buddhist, Nepal is a tolerant melting pot of many cultures and beliefs, which visitors can experience.


Due to the sheer diversity of Nepal, the range of activities available to visitors is unsurpassed. Trekking, mountaineering, and rafting are some activities Nepal is most well known for. The many national parks and cultural heritage sites of Nepal offer fantastic opportunities as well for everything from elephant safaris to micro-light flights and beyond. Visitors can choose to nourish their souls through a range of yoga and mediation courses and religious and pilgrimage opportunities. Volunteering in the remote, ancient and medieval villages, towns and cities of Nepal is also popular, and is perhaps the most rewarding and ideal way to experience this beautiful country.




Spirituality In Nepal & Exposure to Buddhism


Nepal is well known as a place where spirituality and daily life are intertwined, and religious tolerance is the norm. Its ancient Hindu traditions and colorful festivals, as well as its Buddhist practices and pilgrimages intrigue and entice. The beauty of the temples and monasteries are breathtaking, and the opportunities to engage in the practice of Buddhism or the festive traditions of Hinduism, are unparalleled.

"Nepal is a wonderful place to become familiarized with, and immersed in, the study of Buddhism. The birthplace of Gautama Buddha,

Nepal has some of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites, and Kathmandu Valley is home to many such

monuments and monasteries, with venerated teachers. Nestled in the verdant hills surrounding the valley,

these monasteries provide a perfect place for volunteers to learn Buddhist philosophy and meditative introspection."

       - Ilya Nuzov, former FVIN Board Member

An Opportunity to Serve & Give Back


Nepal is an extraordinary, yet extremely impoverished, nation. One of the poorest countries in the world, most Nepalese (80%) survive as subsistence farmers, and live on $1 a day or less. Nepal is the poorest country in Asia, and many of its people do not have access to basic needs such as clean water, food, health and education. Getting involved as an international volunteer can make a huge difference in the lives of the people of Nepal.


The status of women and girls in Nepal is particularly concerning. Evidenced by human development indicators, Nepali women are well behind their male counterparts in matters of  health statuses, literacy rates, and working rights. Sex trafficking is also a major threat to Nepali  women and girls, as is the gender violence they face that often goes unchecked. Thankfully, there are many great initiatives underway, many brought about by the women themselves, and positive impacts of these projects and programs can be seen all around the country.



The ability in Nepal to combine a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, with the opportunity to make a great and  lasting impact in the lives of those less fortunate, is unique and truly wonderful.